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It’s Your Turn!!

Well, it’s that time of the year, searching for a photographer for your senior portraits to capture you in every essence that you are at this time in your life.

And let’s face it, you will probably never be a supermodel.  This might be the only time in your life when you get to act like one!  You will wear tons of outfits and show all the sides of your personality that you have been practicing in front of a mirror for years!  I will shoot rad fashion style photo and ones that your mom will love.  Although having your hair and makeup professionally done is optional, it is strongly recommended and adds to the experience.

Thank you Eli.  The picture of my daughter is so powerful! As a mother I have tried to guide my girls with knowing kindness goes a long way, have empathy in those that struggle and be confident because you are smart and beautiful.  Unfortunately, those lessons get lost with mean girls and our media.  I wish you could have seen her expression when she saw the photo.  She said ‘Wow mom do I really look like that?!’

In one picture you capture all the beautiful things I see in her!  You are an amazingly talented, kind man!

For the Bettys

Senior portraits are all about you, so bring everything in your closet!  Formal, traditional, trendy, funky – bring it all!

Deep colors like jewel tones work better than lighter colors for urban themed shoots.  Textures and layers are fabulous in all types of shoots. Sundresses and cowboy boots look super cute in field sessions.   Bring vests, chunky jewelry, boots, jackets, formal wear & hats.

Please plan for more than one hair style.  Bring your makeup and tons of hairspray.  If you are attending a mini session, you should still bring options.

A week before your shoot, try to visit a store like Forever 21 to look at accessories and gather ideas.  If you have a certain style in mind, try to email me a picture a couple of weeks before the shoot so we can be on the same page.

A Note On Guys

Senior portraits are all about you, so bring everything in your closet.  If this includes three shirts and a pair of jeans, you may have to go shopping.

If you do need to go shopping, choose stuff you think will look cool even if you will never wear it again.  You can always take it back after the shoot.  

Layers look best.  Think hoodies under jackets, vests under sport coats, rolled up button downs (darker colors work best for urban themed shoots), dark colored shoes, torn jeans & hats.

If you are a fan of busy plaids be sure to bring other options in case they don’t photograph well.

The Locations

The location you choose is very important in setting the theme of your senior portraits. Urban is a very popular session type. You can get funky and fun with your wardrobe. The colors are usually rich and vibrant. Farmhouse is also a popular session type. While no photos will ever be truly timeless, these will stand the test of time better than any other shoot style. The country sessions are more sweet and innocent feeling. Studio sessions are fun because we can blare the music and turn on the fan to get the fashion look. These are more limited in the variety of shot styles you will see in the proofs. If casual is your style, beach sessions are for you. Just throw a couple of tank tops and hoodies in the trunk and you are good to go.

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