Lake Mills was recently featured on the Milwaukee Public Television show, Around the Corner with John McGivern. Lake Mills truly is a fun and unique town with a lot of history, beauty, business, artistic talent, community, and recreation and I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the episode! If you’re not from the area, I recommend you come by for a weekend visit! There are a lot of things to do, just watch the video below!

They call it Legendary Lake Mills. But as we explored this idyllic community, we uncovered facts, not legends.

John Gurda warned us that some people believe that in the bottom of Rock Lake there are ancient pyramids. Others believe they are rock formations caused by geological shifts. Hence our first Fact: Rock Lake has either pyramids or rock formations, and if you want to debate it, we’re not getting in the middle of it! Fact: Tyranena Brewing Company is the place to meet. Fact: Water House Foods and Doyle’s Dogs personify the Lake Mills spirit: True quality – of both people and food! (Oh, and John loves to eat. That’s also a fact.) Fact: This is a city full of active people who really love to get outside and enjoy exercise and life. Fact: Ephraim Pottery is tremendously cool. Fact: Old Churches without active congregations in Lake Mills are recycled and reused, and John really wants to live in an old church – and Cynthia Weston’s “chouse” is the one he wants most. Fact: Commons Park is really a town square shaped like a triangle – and it’s as charming as can be.

Fact: Lake Mills will always be Legendary to us!

Featured Businesses & Community Members in Lake Mills

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